Unfiltered, undone, back from the dead.

The worst thing about digital content is not that it is owned by the world as soon as you click ‘submit’. It’s that it can disappear within moments of pressing a wrong button, something stupid like that.

The EVEN worse thing is that we become obsessed with our lives on the internet. The loss is felt for days..weeks…even months for a lot of people. And I didn’t know the same would happen to me at some point. I also didn’t realize that I’d become a fb junkie since it was launched. A month ago…I lost my ‘life’ since 2004. Needless to say…I was devastated.me

It’s sad to admit, but I literally became depressed for at least a week. I was unable to watch videos on fb in the mornings on the loo, nor was I able to easily figure out what I was supposed to do when I came back from work at night. I honestly didn’t feel like eating, drinking, or performing even the simply task of cleaning my apartment. I literally felt that I had lost everything I ever thought was a massive part of life.

Needless to say…I got over it. I really don’t know how. But only because I realized I was better than that. Better than feeling sad about a digital life in which I was surrounded by likes, photos, comments, hearts and not to forget the literally hundreds of friends I never talked to. I contacted a few people who had never joined any social media platforms and their lives were just fine…exciting even. I mean…even watching cute freakin’ cat videos on youtube wasn’t entertaining anymore.

But then one day, I decided: “Fuck it”. I don’t want what I’m pining for right now because it just isn’t worth it. There’s absolutely no reason to worry about these things. Why not get out and meet people instead? Why not have one drink at a bar after work instead? I mean surely that is much better than staring at your phone’s screen for hours after you’ve started at your work computer’s screen for 8-10 hours a day?

Totally worth it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m back on social media…but feel so different about it. In the grander scheme of things, you DO and ARE going to lose something or the other at some point in your life. So I’m glad it happened now, because it jolted my brain and got me thinking so differently now.

I was always thinking about pleasing myself and others unnecessarily. On fb or elsewhere. But now? Haha. I get a good night’s sleep instead.

To summarize: I’ve now started my blog. Done with the old, here with the new, because fuuuuuck…i’m still smiling!

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