Rock climbing, and oh the pain!

I went deep water soloing with my old boss just one time, no ropes or nada. When I got to pretty much the highest point in my life physically and was holding on for dear life to a rock, he told me to climb higher or jump off and ‘aim’ for the water. Needless to say, I refrained from doing anything that involved climbing for over a year.


But then last Saturday happened, and I ended up at a climbing facility a friend of a friend set up over a span of six months in Phuket. I paid for a full-day pass and as I walked in, the indoor climbing walls loomed way over my head. I wasn’t sure why I was doing this to myself. Wouldn’t it be a much better option to get fat on my couch while watching movies all day long instead?

Here’s the thing though: I feel like I owe myself opportunities that I may have missed in the past due to various reasons…so why not?

Anyway, I came alone so they assigned a pro-climber as my belay partner. Since I was a beginner, she took me to the most basic climbing course on location (wasn’t really basic) which I managed to somehow climb up in a hurry. No need to be a bad-ass here – I was scared shitless so I decided to climb up as fast as possible before I passed out! Other than that I was also taught how to do certain climbing maneuvers to climb easier and save my energy. “Lean your hips into the wall and keep your arms outstretched while climbing with one foot under one elbow and the other leg outstretched” – I was told. Seriously, what the fuck. These people are beasts.

Over the next four something hours I managed to try boulder climbing, as well as about 5-6 wall climbs…good enough for me for the first day!

The whole experience was pretty cool to be honest. The owner caught up with me while I was resting, to discuss my experience etc. He told me that I should only do it once a week every weekend for a month for starters. This guy has a perfect body by the way, but he said he eats everything and climbs a lot. How he looks like that, while doing that, is really beyond me. I’m not a hater though, so more power to him and his chiseled bod!

The pain in my body was insane though. I may have gotten a few scratches here and there, but they didn’t hurt at all as compared to the insane muscle pain I was experiencing for the rest of this week (the pain stopped today).

I’ve decided to go every weekend…the next session is on for the morrow. I’m really curious to see if I will do better this time or will it be a REALLY slow process for me. Gotta see..gotta see.

DO visit their Facebook page and visit the facility. DO come back here and let me know what your experience was like. Happy climbing!

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